Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews


Kenny and Colette were the dream band for our wedding!! We first saw them at Stacey’s after my brother’s rehearsal dinner the year before and we literally danced until I had sores on my feet! My now husband asked Kenny for their card and said to me “If I ever get married I want them to play at my reception.” We got engaged four months later and remembered ‘that band’ that played at Stacey’s! We thought a band like them, they’ll be so expensive it’ll never happen but we’ll give it a try.

I remember getting the quote and open date from Colette and screaming with happiness that it was actually feasible! No to mention we had no idea how accommodating, personable and the amount of time they would actually spend making sure every detail of their part of the day was exactly how we wanted it. Kenny and Colette go out of their way and are amazing at what they do. Kenny played beautiful acoustic guitar for our cocktail hour and brought the electric guitar (my husband’s request) out towards the end of the night and rocked it! The goal of our wedding was that everyone had a good time and I can tell you we couldn’t have done it without Kenny and Colette! You know when your family is begging them to keep playing and most of your reception crowd is still dancing late into the night you’ve got a great band! I have had so many complements to this band I can’t even tell them all. Thank you Kenny and Colette for making our reception our dream come true!! I can’t wait to see the video of Colette and my 3 year old flower girl holding the mic singing “You Are My Sunshine.” Adorable!!”

– Anne and Brett Litle

“Diamond Rock & Soul was simply amazing on our wedding day. If you are planning an event and want a band that will deliver first rate entertainment look no further than Diamond Rock & Soul. Kenny and Colette came out ready to play…..and that they did! They had a great mix of “get up off your duff and dance” songs along with crowd participation that thoroughly entertained. At the end of the night the dance floor was still packed with our guests shouting for more, and Kenny and Colette obliged! The interaction that they showed right off the bat with the audience lasted through the night and created a lasting impression on our guests. So much so, that two weeks after our wedding we are still receiving emails and thank you cards from guests raving about the band. The capper on our wedding day was Kenny and Colette taking time to learn our first dance song that created an everlasting memory for us. Kenny and Colette are very talented musicians and their performance transformed our wedding reception into one hell of a good time!”

– Dan and Jessica Brown

“Kenny and Colette Diamond are not the typical diamond in the rough…they are that sparkling stone that reflects love and passion for what they do. On September 22, 2012, Kenny and Colette performed their magic at our women’s retreat, Mending in the Mountains. Seventy-five women cancer survivors were able to enjoy what the Diamonds do best…entertain! The joy & happiness they provided for these women cannot be measured. We watched women from young to old step onto a dance floor and really let go of all their stress & worries while having pure fun. Some of these women enjoyed Kenny & Colette so much that they attended their next “gig” at a local establishment to reinforce what an awesome time they had. From a business standpoint, the Diamonds are accomplished at their profession. They created an evening that fit our model and stayed in constant contact with us to make sure that everything was in place. We would not hesitate to have them to one of our events again. Thank you Kenny and Colette for creating memories we will never forget

– Becky Franks, Executive Director; Justin Short, Program Director;Vicky Reynolds, Development & Program Coordinator Cancer Support Community Montana – Bozeman

“Colette and Kenny know how to make a wedding ROCK! So many of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and we owe all our thanks to Diamond Rock and Soul. They were so accommodating, going above and beyond our expectations, willing to help out with any and all aspects of the day. From rock and roll to country and blues, there was something for everyone…we couldn’t stop dancing! On one of the most important days of my life, when everything needed to be perfect, they really pulled through. I didn’t have to worry at all! Thank you so much!!

– Kayla Johnson (Wedding and Reception at The Woodlands)

“The Diamonds were fantastic! They were on it and very helpful in helping me to organize how the nights festivities went. The Diamonds were on time and professional and helped my guests to have the best time ever. I heard for days after how much fun people had and how awesome the band Diamond was. Kenny plays a mean guitar, no question, and Colette was amazing with her vocals and DJ skills! I would highly recommend the Diamonds to anyone for any event needing live entertainment. They were flexible and willing to accommodate our needs. Thanks for everything!.”

– Brandy Neergard (Wedding and Reception at Parents Home)

“While my husband and I were planning our wedding, we knew that a band was definitely on our “must -have-list”. Because of our short three month engagement, we knew a band was something we should try and nail down right away. After searching the newspapers, internet and multiple music venues Anthony and I still had not found a suitable group within our price range and style and time was running out.

Finally, we happen upon Diamond Rock and Soul. A friend and I went to check them out, and they were wonderful. I assumed they would be booked for our wedding date, as it was only a month a way, but thought to ask just to be sure. Oh, I am glad I did!

Kenny and Colette Diamond were absolutely wonderful. Although I was stressed with all the other wedding day plans, I never had to worry about the music. They kept in close contact, letting me know different ideas they had for the wedding and what those ideas would entail. Kenny and Colette were so flexible and easy to work with as well. They even let me make changes to the music the morning of the wedding! All the while with a smile and wonderful attitude, which I did not get with some of the other people with whom I was working with.

The day of the wedding went so smooth. They were punctual, professional and extremely helpful throughout the day. Colette can read any crowd and it is almost impossible not to get caught up in her energy and spunk. Kenny is possibly one of the most well rounded guitarists I have heard. Playing a beautiful piece on his classical before wedding and shredding the electric when my Dad requested Hendrix. They can play to everyone and any age in the crowd. They had my two year old nephew dancing up a storm and my husband’s 80 year old grandparents singing and dancing along to Elvira! Kenny and Colette excited my wildest expectations.

Several people in attendance said the band was one of their favorite parts of the wedding. I would definitely recommend Diamond to any bride or really any event where someone wants great music and fun entertainment. They can play any crowd at any venue and do a wonderful job.”

– K Schutter (Wedding at The Gallatin Gateway Inn, Bozeman, MT)

“Of my many wedding decisions, choosing the music was among the most difficult because I knew the reception’s excitement and energy (or lack thereof) would make or break the remaining 75% of the post-ceremony evening: If the decorations weren’t all hung up correctly, no one would notice; if the cake stand fell over, the wine and beer would still flow like water. But the music had to be perfect.

This pressure made the task impossible until, with only three weeks to go, my sister insisted on signing Kenny & Colette Diamond. Operating on pure sibling love, wedding-plan exhaustion, and blind hope, I had no choice but to okay the contract without hearing a single chord.

I was surprised on the wedding day when only a duo showed up-this was my sister’s bet for getting our 150 guests onto the dance floor? I was more surprised, though, by the band’s awesome sound. Kenny and Colette Diamond, with their rollicking renditions of hit Americana, Country, and Rock songs, kept our arms swinging, our feet grooving, and our butts shaking-even our grandparents were clapping, singing, and dancing along. Their sound easily filled the large hall without being overwhelmingly loud and their fantastic attitudes swept over our guests. Everyone was at ease and enjoyed themselves long into the night. Because of the great music, the fun was off-the-charts-and I “blame” Kenny & Colette Diamond for my wife and I smiling until our faces hurt.

In addition to being a great musician, Kenny & Colette Diamond is also a great business partner. In between sets, we were able to plug our iPod into their PA to keep the music going (they also brought their own iPod in case ours broke down). Moreover, the band quickly and completely handled their own set-up and tear-down, and they arrived well before the wedding started to appropriately set their levels. All of this was combined with their prompt emails and phone calls during the planning stage, making hiring Diamond one of the few parts of the wedding that removed stress instead of adding to it.

In sum, Diamond Rock and Soul created an infectiously fun atmosphere for our reception, and their energy and talent ensured that we all had a great time. Intent on giving us what we wanted, they did all they could to deliver us the perfect wedding reception.”

– R. McCray (Wedding at West Yellowstone, MT)

“Hi Diamonds!

We just wanted to write you and THANK YOU for the amazing performance/entertaining you put on for our wedding. It was amazing how you were able to connect with everyone at the wedding, I don’t think there was a single person there that you didn’t get up on the dance floor or had them rolling in laughter, it made for a lot of great memories! Looking back it is easy to see that you were the perfect choice for us, you can play and sing just about anything, your song list is unlimited, your great sense of humor and ability to entertain seems effortless, and beyond all of that you were completely hassle free and easy to do business with. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! for everything that you did for us, from Kenny playing the guitar during the ceremony to Colette learning one of our favorite songs and singing it beautifully, to put it plainly you are AMAZING!!!”

– Luke and Theresa Fleener- (July 2nd 2011 Weddng at The Gallatin River Lodge)

“When my wife and I decided to have a live band for our wedding, there was only one group that came to mind. We had first seen Kenny and Colette play at Stacys and enjoyed how active they were and how they drew the crowd to the dance floor. We contacted Colette during the planning stages of the wedding and she always responded in a pleasant and timely manner.
We decided to have Kenny play during the processional of our wedding. His acoustic play is just beautiful. His rendition of “Over the Rainbow” was gorgeous. Their entertainment carried over into the reception and it definitely did not disappoint. The Diamonds flat out rocked the house!! Colette is not afraid to hand the mic over and encourage people to come up and showcase their hidden talents, whether its singing a love song or rapping to “Ice, Ice, Baby”. Both her and Kenny are such great performers. They had the dance floor packed to the point that we had to move tables to create more space. They entertained the entire night and even received an encore. I am still hearing people talk about how awesome the band was weeks after our wedding.

If you are looking for a band for your wedding, the search stops with The Diamonds. I will recommend them over and over again, and my words still wont do the performance justice. They are simply amazing to watch and I am so glad that they were part of our wedding day!!

 – Jeff and Laura Eshelman

What a wonderful evening of music, song, and entertainment you gave to Mike and Marinna for their reception on New Years Eve. Thank you for celebrating with our family and friends, everyone enjoyed the evening and loved all you did for the children, Larry’s singing and the dancing. We are so fortunate to have had you perform for us. Blessings to you and your family in 2017. Hope to see you soon.

– Larry & Rita Merkel

My husband and I recently got married this year and not to brag but our wedding was the best!  Maybe every bride is a little biased on the success of their own wedding but I could not have imagined such a memorable day with the people I love.
The thing that really made my wedding so spectacular was the entertainment!  We booked Colette and Kenny Diamond band who are locals in the Gallatin valley.  I had already kicked up some dust on the dance floor listening to these guys perform around valley and knew they were a must book band for my wedding.  Kenny Diamond solo played acoustic guitar throughout the ceremony and into cocktail hour.  My guests were incredibly impressed with Kenny’s skills on the guitar .. by skills I mean .. . he is the best guitarist I have heard perform live in a long long time.  Then, promptly after dinner Diamond Band kicked off the reception party!  There wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t dancing.  Colette is a spectacular sassy, spunky, icebreaker of a hostess and was able to get everyone involved.   Their song choices were spot on and avoided any musical taste clashes with elderly folk vs the younger generation…. Everyone rocked out to rock and roll, country, and soul.  My maid of honor who is an up and coming singer even performed a few songs with them too making the night even more special.
I love these guys and recommend them for your wedding.  They are so versatile in their performance that they would be appropriate for a classic or country wedding.   I just hope they save some weekends to play at the local watering holes so I can still dance to their music!
Anne Pytka, Bozeman MT
Wedding: June 3, 2017 Chico Hot Springs.